Hello, I am now actively looking for a van to buy, a mid Ford '69-'74 panel, short, barn doors (not a sliding door) as my first choice. A Dodge '71-'78 panel, short, barn not sliding doors as my second choice. I have been scouring the web in search and have seen a few but nothing solid yet. My plans are a wedge/angle chop so if you know of any projects near completion that would be better. I'm figuring $5000 or lower. I'd appreciate any ideas/help.
Also I am trying to reach Whoopie from Breezin' Easy if anybody knows him these days. He was a friend of my parents and very much into chopped vans so I figured I could pick his brain about what to look for and expect in chopping a van, plus he may have a line on one sitting in a barn somewhere.

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