So I had the time to "freshen up" the top of my 305 TBI with new intake manifold gaskets, rebuilt the throttle body and fuel pressure regulator and new valve cover gaskets...nothing leaking now!
So I decide to get the timing dialed in. Put some new spark plugs in and on the passenger side noticed the manifold "heat shield" was rattling abit so I decided to yank it off...well after getting it off I found a crack in the manifold and a bunch of black "soot" on the heat shield.
Thinking of just going with long tube headers, get a collector with the O2 sensor bung in it and run the pipes out just in front of the rear wheels. Been looking at the Hedman 69060 headers. Anyone have any luck with these. I have a 305 TBI no mods and an automatic trans 1991 G10 Sport van.

thanks in advance