Hi, a while back you helped me ID my engine as a 350ci...... my vin service parts label shows as a 35o 4bbl. I have a 2bbl. Someone said its prob a crate engine from Mexico.
over the past week I have been preparing it for a repaint, and while I`m at it I removed the radiator and sent it off for for recon,

it wasn`t giving any trouble.. just to be sure as I`m about to reinstae the A/C.

ALSO DUMPED THE smog pump and related items, I also removed the alternator to get the eng number from the pad behind it.
Pad is blank.
Any thoughts...... could it be elswhere of just not there at all?
Vin: from under hood sticker.. CGL15A0103635........... OPTIONS INCL 4BBL/350ci (that would be the orig motor of course.)