Hi, I’m puzzled with my battery wiring which has been hacked about.
the truck has the starter battery and a leisure battery, and the cabling makes no sense (to me!),
the battery + side has a Black cable going to the starter motor & a smaller Red wire to the junction box on the bulkhead. I’m assuming that whoever did it, used black cable instead of red.
But On the - side of the battery i have a Red cable going to some type of multi point connection on the bulkhead behind the A/C and a Black wire going to the earth point on the engine block.
my question is, does this sound / look correct? As i don’t understand how it appears to be that a negative connection is going to a positive connection on the this “distribution connection”
I will try and post a photo of this and the black and red cable connections, but I can’t seem to post it at the moment.

Any help would be much appreciated

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