I think Nico found a way to center her aluminum rims, without having the specific hub centric spacers custom machined.

The Discount tire in Encinitas back in 2013 or so, did not even notice I had two original rims with the right hub and two aftermarket rims of similar appearance with 1/2" gap all around the hub.

When I got home I saw they had put them on diagonally. My aftermarket rims have ~ 3/4" more offset.

I never trust them to actually torque the lugs properly, and busted out two jacks to put them as I wanted.

DT also just inflates the tires to the door placard pressures, even if the tires are not P/XL, but LT tires which need significantly more PSI to carry the same load.

32 PSI on my LT tires certainly made it ride nice, but I keep the fronts of my LTs 30x9.5x15 at ~ 44 and my rears at 46 to 48PSI, max of 50, that's where they wear properly and do not look obviously underinflated as they do at 32PSI.
32 PSI is my washboard offroad tire pressure.

The Kumho SAT KL61's I bought in 2012/3? at DT,, tried to kill me and my dad on highway 395 in august 2017 going to Oregon to see the eclipse.

I'll never go over 5 years old tires again, highway driving, in summer.

The tires grew about 2 inches taller, 1 inch thinner and while squishy in the rear at 65mph, I only knew they were shot when slowing down and it felt like there was an earthquake going on. Side to side, up and down.
My IR gun on sidewalls showed over 200f on 3 of the 4 tires, the 4th was 136f.

I truly believe if I did not stop at that rest area, but continued on oblivious, then they would have let go at speed and that road does not leave any room for error.

As it was I had to white knuckle it for 90 more miles to Lone Pine, and paid way to much for some Cooper AT3's that I do not like.
Noisy fvckers, especially at 45 mph.

They turn 5 years old the 17th week of next year, and will have tons of tread left at that point, with about 30K miles on them.
Mine are wearing like iron.

I love the 30x9.5x15 size as my speedo reads dead nuts accurate, but I no longer need, or desire, an AT tire, and will likely go back to LT 235/75/15 or p235-75-15XL unless there is an acceptable all season 30x9.5x15 available at that time.

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