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Took it to get aligned yesterday right before our road trip to Dallas and wow! It's so much better!

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While it was in the air I did notice the clip on weights were boogered up from hitting the control arms at lock (the guy aligning it wasn't as careful at lock as I was) so while my wife was auditioning for the Dallas symphony my daughter and I ran to discount tire to have the front wheels balanced yet again, this time with sticky weights placed in the middle of the wheel - worked like a charm.

While we were there we checked in getting a new spare tire and I'm glad we did, the pull off was dated 1994 - older than the van and only a year younger than my wife. No pics, sorry, we were in a rush to pick up momma.

But she did let us run to Mecca to grab poly upper bump stops. Overall I'm very happy with the way it turned out and am super happy with the way it drives, better than a new car. There is a little more road feel, so it ruined the cushy conversion van ride but I like it better, I'm more used to that feeling than the sloppy floating feeling from before.

[Linked Image from i.ibb.co]

Good deal! That over cushy, sloppy handling is dangerous IMO.

Just noticed that your Y-pipe has a completely different design than the 92 G20 I had. The one on yours looks tiny and the merge looks terrible by comparison. Reminds me of the ones on the TBI trucks. In fact your manifolds look to be GMT400 truck manifolds with smaller exits too. Bet it is choking the life out of your 350 even if it is stock. I had a high flow cat, magnaflow muffler, a hypertech powerbowl and ultimate TBI moded the TBI on the 92 I had. Used an adjustable fuel pressure regulator with the pressure set at 14 psi and set the initial timing on the distributor at 6° BTDC.

I have the same restrictive Y-pipe/Cat on our "95 G20 (the missing Cat) but I have a plan. The left side manifold and Walker Y-pipe for a '95 G30 along with a hi-flow Cat should fix the problem. In fact, I already have the parts. Just need some new 454 injectors and time to do the swap. smile

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