Hi everyone!
Nice to be here
I'm the proud owner of an old 1990 g20 Campervan and I'm in restoration mode since I got it smile
She needs a lot of work mainly due to rust... I know, ...I bought it 7 years ago now and been battling it since then, near the ocean cars come with a lot of baggage here in Mexico. New body job scheduled again as soon as finances allow it.
Besides the rust, she's got other new issues, bad ones.
The transmission started shifting erratically and got rebuilt about a year ago, since then, it's been a constant troubleshooting adventure trying to figure out what's wrong.
She ran fine for the first 6 years but after a normal schedule service (oil, sparks, filters) she started slipping gears while on a trip, I took her to one of the local transmission guys in La Paz, as that's where we were, and as to be expected, he said it was bad and it needed a new tranny. What can you do? We were in the middle of the road in Baja and we needed it to work.
Long story short and $1000 dollars later we got the job done and we were back on the road again.
Fast forward a couple of months...
We were back in Cabo after a trip to San Ignacio some 500 miles north (almost 1000 round trip) and as usual, I scheduled an oil and filters change as I do after every long trip, I also asked the guys to check my turn signals as they were not working.
when I picked the van up about 3 days later the turn signals were working, the oil, spark, and filters were changed, but not long after my speedometer got funny and erratic, as well as I started to feel a funny shifting on high gears, from third gear to luck up (Not overdrive)
I called the tranny guy in La Paz as we were back in Cabo, and explained the situation, he said it could be an electric issue so I took it to the mechanic in Cabo where the last job was done and they couldn't or wouldn't find anything wrong.
So back to now, I'm trying to troubleshoot my tranny/speedo trying to figure out waths wrong.
Speedo needle goes crazy from 25m/h and faster jumping up and down at the same time 3rd gear goes to lockup
ATF level is normal, 1st and 2nd gear work fine so does speedo at those slower speeds
1st gear engaging at 15mph 2nd at around 20mph (maybe too soon?)
I adjusted the TV cable and planning on changing SSV before moving forward to a more expensive repair.
Could a shortcut or faulty connection be affecting TCM or other elements involved in tranny work?
I'm sorry if this story went too long, I really appreciate any advice you can give, and as we say in Cabo... No Bad Days!!

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