I'm Luke aka Lukester
42 living in Lake City Florida original Jersey boy. (Hackettstown)
I work full time doing property maintenance.

I do have a Facebook but I'm not very active. If they made an app for the market place I would have no use for FB it's self.

I do like to spend some time on Instagram. I like to browse the van pics with out all the drama. I can be found there most of the time in our van club account.

Personal accounts
FB : vanmanlukester
Insta : @vanmanlukester

Van club accounts
FB : outcast Vanners
Insta : @outcastvanners

[Linked Image from i.imgur.com]

Arianrhod:2003 Chevy Astro
Black Magic: 1985 Dodge B-250
Serenity:1985 Chevy G-20
The Outcast:1983 Ford club wagon
Luna 1974 VW bay window transporter
Freedom:1990 Ford E-150(parts van)
Outcast Vanners van club
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