Hi Guys,

Im not 100% this is the right forum/subtopic but I thought id ask here first..

As per the title i have an 72/3 Chevy g10; 350 sbc/th350. I desperately need new headers.

I've seen several members have great results with hedman headers.... but with my van being a 73 its pre-77 change over, so i have a super smaller dog house etc. - I've messaged specified member with earlier chevys whole have had good result with hedman to find out what p/n they have but sadly received no replies.

My question is basically what p/n have pre 77 chevy van been using re hedman headers.

Not to be rude; but everytime I've asked this in the past in general forums i get loads of post telling me what p/n they put on their "81+ vandura etc etc". Whilst i appropriate the effort, its a totally different fitment... I.e. to the best of my knowledge, the pre 1977 chevy van all had different dog house gap to the post '77. My van needs pre-77 fitment only.

Unless I've got my wires cross, I need help from the pre 77 crowd. So I'm basically asking pre-77 owners for their experiences hedman exhaust p/n wise. - That's not to say that someone can't tell me im wrong.

According to the previous owner i have "modified" camaro headers, and they leak like a sieve, it seems like they have been cut, bent, and then (badly) re-welded... few years hence...well....

I'm not wanting something elaborate, just something that mates to the stock (73) ports on my heads and leads to a 3" collector.

Anyone that can offer some guidance it'd be gratefully received .


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