I need you guys to sanity check me please. I just installed a new tank and fuel sender in my '74 b100. Both units were from Spectra. It's the 26 gal aluminum tank. Now it won't start. The van used to run with just portable gas cans in the back with a fuel line stuck in the bottom so I know there isn't a blockage in the line. I've put 8 gallons in so far. Still no fuel coming out of the sender or out of the line from the fuel pump to the carb. This makes me think either the pickup is not submerged or the pump is dead(mechanical pump is only a couple years old). Trying to break either the line from the filler tube or removing the lock ring results in a ton of leakage. What should I try next? I also put a jack under it trying to get the fuel from one side to the other. Should I just keep filling it up? I have replaced the filter and all the soft hoses just in case they were the problem. Has anyone used a new sender from Spectra, should I have bent the pickup down towards the bottom of the tank? Any help would be most appreciated.