With the recent CB Radio talk, it started me thinking of what everybody else is running and how is it working for ya? We all know that the airwaves used to be full of CB'ers and that they were extremely useful, but do you have any good stories of how a CB has saved you RECENTLY?

I know a lot of people are running vintage radios, but the new stuff is pretty good. Also, the FCC has chilled a bit and the use of export radios like the galaxy and such are mostly ignored in private cars. go ahead and share what ya got, and how its working!

In my '79 chevy, my uncle or dad had installed (what was new at the time) a Cobra 19 Plus with a permanent mount antenna in the center of the roof... maybe a 36" whip with a filter or something. The old antenna wasn't receiving or transmitting, so I went to a Mag Mount Wilson 1000 with a 60" Whip. When the LCD on the Cobra quit working, I decided to upgrade radios. I was going to go the Export route or a Cobra 29, but I found a 'New in Box' RealistIc TRC-422 with the receipt in the box from 1979 for a very very good price. I then found an old SMOOTH 160 Amp (that I still know absolutely nothing about) and then scored a Wilson 5000 whip for $25. So that is my set up now. it serves its purpose and I can clearly send and receive transmissions for several miles on an average day in our wooded area.

My '91 Ford Conversion has some early 90's Realistic installed that was there when i purchased it. It is connected to a fiberglass mirror mounted antenna that sits only a few inches above the high top. works great as a clearance checker. HAHAHA. The radio is crap, to be honest, and the mic doesn't transmit well... But I still leave the radio on to monitor while I am traveling to listed for traffic issues.

I also have a modded Super Star 121 and Wilson 1000 that I kept in my off road/beach ford explorer. I sold the truck and ended up getting the radio back. it is still with a friend in NC and I am just waiting for him to send it back down. It will probably end up in the Ford to replace the garbage that's in there. it was a pretty nice set up on the OBX Beaches.

CB Frequencies are pretty dead to listen to these days. Its pretty sad. However, there seems to be people listening in on the freeways if you need them!

Here is a recent story of how my CB has helped me out:
A couple of years ago I was in Jacksonville, Florida for work and my wife had gotten us a beach house in the OBX. I wanted to get there ASAP, So I left Jax hauling ass to get home and get some things situated at home before continuing on to NC. I ran low on oil someplace close to mid Georgia, and topped it off with what I had in the van. I told myself I was going to stop and buy another gallon to keep back there just in case. Well, I got home and took care of stuff, packed, and went to leave. closed my Garage door and had something in the way and the door got jacked up. took me about an hour or so to fix. when I hit the road, I was running way behind, so I was hauling ass. it was around 11pm and I was somewhere on I 95 in NC when traffic necked to 1 lane and came to a stop! as soon as I slowed down, my pressure dropped to zero and i started ticking (Hydraulic lifters starving?)! I was MILES from anywhere and had forgotten to stop and grab oil! I panicked for a few, then decided to jump on the radio! I caught a break and explained my situation to the airwaves. within minutes, I had an 18 wheeler there with me donating a gallon of Rotella! The radio saved my ass!