I want to surprise my oldest son with a cool van upgrade when he comes back from vacation. (I bet he is a member her, but hoping he doesn't have time to check forums while in Europe. I don't want to ruin the surprise!)

He bought a CB for his 70s Dodge Tradesman van. He is 21 and that van is his baby. I would like to install it, along with a PA speaker hidden behind the bumper. (Does not look to be room behind the grill). I need an antenna, and I am guessing a ball mount, and a PA speaker.

I looked at a couple threads in here, but got a bit confused on the install. I will likely leave that to my husband since he knows car stereos and I know engines. smile

Can anyone give me a recommendation on an antenna that is not 26 feet long but still works? smile And where is the "classic" vanning-look for mount location? And finally, any recommendation on what speaker to purchase that will fit in behind the bumper? (unless you know of a better place to hide it.)

Thank you so much. I normally do all my own investigation on my car mods, but I know nothing about vans and I thought I would ask experts rather than wasting time / buying the wrong thing.

- "Van Mom"