I’ve been back and forth with my dodge and putting the word out that I am on the search for a new van if the right one comes along. I’m driving mine and enjoying it until I something grabs my attention.

Biggest criteria is short wheelbase no window van, no rust besides maybe some patina. Mechanically decent in running and driving condition. Ideally no interior so I can build it myself. I don’t want to do bodywork at all so I will be picky with color. I would maybe consider a longer van if it’s no windows but has to really be clean.

5k is my max for initial purchase price, ideally 3-4K

Dodge 71-93 (71-78 tradesman preferred) 6 or 8 cylinder, automatic is a must.

Chevy/GMC 71-95 (earlier preferred but not as picky with these) 6 or 8 cylinder, automatic

Ford 69-74 2nd Gen and 75-88 3rd Gen. 1988 is when they stopped producing their short wheel base vans. I like the earlier 3rd grills best but the square headlight shorties are cool too. 6 or 8 cylinder, automatic

If anyone sees something or has something for sale that meets this criteria, please let me know.


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1979 Dodge B200 Shorty, 1987 B250 Longy