Proud owner of a 1owner 93k hi top factory RV conversion. Trying to add pics but it says my cell phone images are not supported so I’ll work on that in the coming days. It’s been sitting for 5 years with a pile of crud underneath with every fluid leaking but I got it for a steal.

I’m coming from a mostly Ford fuel injected experience history so I’m diligently reading about interchangeable drivetrain from the G30 to the 20. I’m planning to restore this RV to suitable full time living. I work in custom RV conversion already so the RV side of it will be familiar. Unfortunately I work mostly with larger diesels, series 60’s, ISX, and Detroit Diesels, in what we do though. So far, 99% of it is original, less a newly installed inline electric fuel pump. All the labels and tags are legible in the door and in the hood. I wasn’t able to find an axle tag.

I’ve dealt with these type of factory conversions before where they use other model parts and on this Chevy platform I wouldn’t be able to tell if that were the case. I’ve identified a 10-bolt rear that will be coming out for a fresh locked rebuild from drum to drum with new leafs and air helpers. I would like to put whatever option is “beefiest” as it has a 3’ fiberglass lid on it that I will be filling with yet more Solar-weight, and later pulling a single axle trailer. I’m all ears if there’s a worthy upgrade with disc brakes.

The front suspension is toast as well and will get the same treatment. I’m reading about a cross member from a G30 bolting to the 20 frame for the upgraded suspension LCA’s and springs (and brakes?) and wondering if the RV factory might’ve done that already. Again, I wouldn’t be able to tell. Suppose I could run to the handy-dandy pick a part. Or maybe post a few pictures and someone could confirm? Mental note, also need to look G20/30 brake differences.

I’m off to do more searching and reading! Thanks for reading. I’ll get pics up shortly. It’s worthy of them.