On our back from the last road trip we took, our LH upper control arm mysteriously loosened itself from the frame rail. We were in stop and go traffic so the constant weight shift back and forth might have had something to do with it. There was a loud bang and the van veered hard left. Luckily traffic was moving slow and I was able to recover and limp off the nearest exit.

Since that nerve rattling episode, right after Thanksgiving, we have had the van in for re-alignment 3 more times! It is on the rack as I write this. Once again, the RH Upper control arm is loose as S**T. The mech said the adjustment bolts were like 4 turns out.

What could be causing the UCA adjustment bolts to nearly work themselves free??? We have really poor roads here in Corpus and the HD suspension on my Ram 3500 Van is pretty stiff, so would vibrations alone be enough to work it loose? I am worried about their being corrosion or cracking or... IDK.

I had my lwr ball joint fail while driving my 99 Tacoma about a block from the house and think I am having PTSD from it all. I can only imagine what'd happen with my big van at any kind of speed, especially with all the family on board. Wife is about ready to have our 7th child, so we NEED reliable transportation.