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I own a 73 dodge b200 calif van bought in 1990, very clean rust free. from 1990 till 2005 I restored the van replacing repairing every part I could find on ebay or my local dodge dealer, I would say I replaced or rebuilt replaced 98% of the van .

The parts list would be to long to type , And the extras or 2 of's is also quite lengthily ..

But heres a sample, all new steering , brakes , ball joints , switches, bulbs ,sockets, windshield, engine rebuilt ,tranny gone thru, rear axle gone thru, rear heavduty springs ,new shocks ,new all engine components like alt,ign,module ,ballast, AC compressor etc etc
Comes with a new never installed 2 bbl throttle body fuel injector system from jegs / intake and linkage mods
All new Michelins on powder coated slots....
The only body mods I did was to open the rear roof area for a vent..and pass side mid van install a floor security box..Oh and wired it for 110 volt,,THINK RUBBER TRAMP , or living in a van..

over 7500 $$ invested,,willing to accept fair offers

PICS COMING SOON text 567-301-6866 with questions

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