Hello everybody, new here with a question. Been lurking for a while looking for info on this subject but haven't seen what I am going to ask.

Have a '89 Chevy G20 with the R12 of course that is inop. We pulled a vacuum and it held for 30'. Then charged with the R134 and UV enhanced appropriate oil. Well it is below the threshold for the compressor to run now in about a months time and no leakage can be detected with the blue light.

So rather then waste more time and money on an old system that doesn't compare to a better designed R134 system, am thinking of changing to an R134 system, taking the stuff needed off a 94-95 vintage model.

How it would change over is the question. I figure I would need the brackets as the compressors are different, can purchase most of the other parts new at the parts stores, except maybe for the hoses. Maybe the configuration of the alternators and other parts have been moved, I don't know.

So anybody done a comparo of these two to determine the difficulties or ease of the changeover? Thx.