So i got the engine all sealed up, no more oil leaks...well, any that are bugging me anyway. I also thought i was having carb issues but turned out to be a rotting fuel line, so i replaced that and now she's running mint. So on to the interior...which is empty. I pulled out the rubber mat the PO had in there, it was pretty gnarly underneath. Cleaned it up and painted it with some rust reformer, threw down some kilamat and some mass backed carpet. Will post when i find some seats to throw in there and get it cut into place. Also threw a black, oem gauges/dash piece in there, and will be covering the rest of the dash in pleated vinyl. soonish. Probably after the body work is done.

Am i missing some dash parts here? Were there plastics that ran under the dash?

Ran out of light, but will post once i get the carpet cut and everything into place.

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