Hi folks. Though I've been registered here for a long time, vision problems limit my activity on these forums lately.

I have a 2006 Ford E350 Super Duty with the Quigley Quadratrac 4x4 added. I'm not using it much anymore and was ready to sell it. A very good friend was interested, but Upstate NY winters with all the road salt damage to the body soured the sale.

This friend found a SoCal van similarly equipped and he bought it. His purchase was a cargo extended van and it did not include the trailer tow package that mine has, though he did get the Tow/Haul transmission control option, he did not get the auxiliary battery.

I'm not seeing well enough to get under my van to find, identify, and list all of the parts he needs to add the deep-cycle battery and the needed wiring. I've found the frame mounted battery tray for him, but beyond that, I'm not getting too far.

I will add that he will have al parts installed professionally, just as he did the trailer hitch and wiring. I'm not sure why they p him order everything he needed to make this upgrade, but he's not very focused on such things. so they may not have known he wanted to add everything needed to complete his towing plans.

Is anyone knowledgeable about the entire auxiliary battery system so I can help my friend out?