I've been checking out this fantastic forum, and I have to say, there's lots of amazing vans here. Very inspiring.

Well, I got a sweet deal on this ice cream truck. We call her Frosty the SnowVan. She's pretty straight. No wrecks. Just rust spots that need fixing and one bump on the back corner.

My son is turning 16 soon and I need to get him off the computer and into the toolbox. He does help me with household chores and handy man things, but it's like pulling teeth prying him from those damned computer games (Fortnite, Minecraft). So I thought this would be a good way to get him off his @ss and into the garage helping his old man transform this ho-hum creepy ice cream truck into a cool vanner ride.

He's not really into cars (what a shame) and he hasn't shown any interest with helping me do a full-blown resto-mod on my high school ride, a 1964 VW bug. But maybe this new van project will pique his interest. I'll show him how to fix, maintain, drive the van and run a business. I plan to teach him what it's like to run his own business as opposed to working for "the man."

We'll see how he takes to it. Ironically, my 1st daughter (I have two) is more interested in getting her hands greasy wrenching with me on cars. Thank God I have a least one!

Anyway, here's the stats on ol' Frosty:

• 1981 Chevy G10 shorty
• Hi-top
• Inline 6
• 350 Turbo trans
• Ice cold rooftop A/C
• 6' freezer
• Music box
• Flashers

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

[Linked Image]

My plans for Frosty:

1) Fix brakes
2) Tune-up
3) Cut out rust spots and weld 'er up
4) New wheels and tires (I was thinking about late 70s Trans Am snowflake wheels to go with the theme)
5) Mudder fender flares and front air dam/spoiler
6) Diamond plate running boards
7) Windshield visor
8) Delete the window behind the driver
9) New rubber all around
10) New paint

I'll post a build thread once I finish up my bug. Thanks in advance for all your helpful advice and guidance.