Hi, I'm new to this site and just purchased an 84 Chevy G30 chassis 22' Motorhome with a 350 v8 and turbo 400 trans. The previous owner decided he needed to install a new timing chain at 69,000 miles and installed it wrong. It bent all 8 intake valves so its in need of a valve job. It had the HD 350 in it so it had the 160hp engine which had the tiny 1.720" intake valve and sodium filled exhaust valves. I'm looking to up the perfomance of this engine because I will be pulling a car trailer behind it. I'm not trying to make a race motor, just a high torque engine that can go down the interstate at 70 mph without issues(4.10 rear gears).

I've purchased a different set of heads that should make more power (882 casting). I'm having them rebuilt now. I'm going to install an RV cam with 204/214 duration @.050" and .420"/.440" lift. I also have an edelbrock performer intake to install. My last performance upgrade is a set of headers and exhaust. I've searched this site and found that there are ones made specifically for this application. I've also read that 71-81 camaro headers fit right in. Ripper has posted that he's used these so I wanted to ask him what brand he used? I found a set of Thorley Tri-Y camaro headers locally pretty cheap but I don't want to buy them to find out that Ripper used a different brand. If he's on this site still please let me know. If anyone else has used the camaro headers and has pics they could post it would be great too.

One note on the exhaust on this RV is that it has the extra large fuel tank so the exhaust can only exit on the drivers side as there's no room behind the axle on the passenger side. It had factory dual tail pipes(2" OD) and they're dirt cheap new so I'll probably put a y-pipe in the exhaust and run 2.5" pipes from the headers to the y-pipe then a 3" pipe to the muffler then to the dual 2" tail pipes. It should be good for what I'm doing.

Thanks in advance for your help.