So, about three days ago, my 94 Dodge ( Ol’Blu) developed a lifter tick, silent at idle, but louder and louder as rpms go up. A non car guy might not ever hear it, but it was driving me batty ! I called a buddy and found out a cam/lifter job was listed as 10hrs, average shop rate around here is $125/hr, plus the cost of a cam and lifter set, too much for me to afford.
Skip forward to this morning, I met up with my friend that I gave my 92Dodge to for breakfast, and found out he had listed the van on Craigslist for $800, basically what he had spent in parts sense I gave him the van. I asked what all has been done and got this list :
Water pump
Radiator boiled and rodded
Valve cover gaskets
Tune up
Rotors and drums
Shocks at all four corners
Belts and hoses
Pads and shoes
Sanded and primed the roof
Door window rubber
Adjusted transmission

I had gave him the van because he needed it to tow his race car and to sleep in at the track, but he scored a sweet Class C RV for that.
So now I am gonna sell the 94 and drive the 92 again. . . . .

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