Got some new tires on the van today. Went with Cooper 255 70/R15 all the way around. Wasn't sure exactly what I wanted so figured I'd drive on these while I work on the van.

Also picked up some graffiti remover from Walmart and used it to remove the rattle can primer spots done by DPO. It stripped the wax and maybe just a tad bit of the original paint but generally you can't tell. I'm gonna put some touch up paint on any bare metal and then wash and wax the thing at some point in the near future. Overall it looks a lot better. I'm planning on more or less leaving the body and paint alone and driving it as is. Same with the walls and ceiling of the interior. Just clean it up, get it stable, stop or slow the deterioration.

I found the passenger side door had it's glass and with a few tweaks was able to roll the window up. Driver's side glass and mechanism had fallen down into the door. I was able to more or less put it back together and get that one rolled up. The glass must be from wrong year it doesn't fit right. But it's enough to keep critters and the occasional rain out of the cab mostly.

Van is legal and with new tires is now it's safe for me to drive. Gotta address the door latches and get the vent windows to stay open. It's hot in Texas!

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1976 Chevy G10 Shorty