Alrighty, so i have some questions regarding drop spindles.

I have a 95 g20, which turns out to have the "HD" hydroboost brakes. I blundered, and did not look hard enough when i bought new rotors and bearings for the front end and bought the wrong stuff, I was looking at the slotted stop tech stuff mainly due to the fact they hold up excellent in salt, and only bothered to note 2 wire abs, or 4 wire, and totally missed that both were for vacuum boost.

anyway, the pads are the same. I do no see the appropriate rotors available from stoptech so I am wondering if instead of just returning the stuff, just get drop spindles that fit the smaller bearings and hub/rotor...

anybody done something similar? seems ball joints and tie rods are the same between vac and hydroboost.

which c10 drop spindles should i get, and which are the best quality? thanks!