Every once in a while we get a little something in the air cleaner housing. Usually it is fuel spray from flooding but this time when we pulled the top off there was a small puddle of oil in the bottom of it and the filter about 1/3 to 1/2 coated as well. Typically we replace our filter because it just seems like a good idea (meaning we rarely have much obvious dirt and our filters are still fairly white when we swap them out). This one is pretty darn solid black on one side now.

Anyway, from my reading, I've found that I should first check the pcv valve. Since it is a simple fix, I'll do that first. If that's o.k. I am under the impression that prior to doing an actual compression test I could look at the spark plugs to see if they are covered in oil (which they never have been since buying the van so we would know something is different).

Any other thoughts or ideas on how to check to see if this oil in the air filter housing was a fluke or something serious?

1988 Dodge B250 5.9l 360 Ram CamperVan / 727 Tranny / Rochester Quadrajet Carb