So I am at a loss here. Bought a holley 1945 reman carb for my 82 slant six. This is the stock style carb that came with the van new, has the vac line that connects to the top of the carb for the diaphragm assembly. I know, they are all junk, but what do you want me to buy when they don't make new ones. I also bought a rebuild kit to rebuild it, and i did. Converted it to hei over a year ago. So here is what I did. Rebuilt the carb, put everything to spec, checked for leaks and all the usual troubleshooting stuff. Problem number 1: carb will idle fine then wont. Its a sporadic problem. Sometimes it idles fine and sometimes it barely can stay running. no rime or reason. Problem 2: again a sporadic problem with no rime or reason. At times it chugs/stumbles while accelerating, flat road, up a hill, doesn't matter. I have been trying to figure this out for a while and am at a loss. I have played with the carb settings, timing, disconnected and reconnected, you name it I've probably done it. And yes my timing mark is spot on. I could use some suggestions here. Any suggestions no matter how odd I will try. I'll even try a carb dance if anybody knows one. In the mean time I will look for a nos carb to rebuild but I would rather try to get this one to work first. If I don't have to spend the money I'd rather not. So anyone have any ideas.

edit note: If anyone perhaps has a carb that will make my van happy I may be willing to buy it if the price is right.

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