While I’m no stranger to Vans and the glorious stories that they create, I figured I join up and share with you my next van direction. So I sold my 2000 high top glaval gmc savana outfitted with damn near everything in it to rule the road (very sad day) to pursue a desirable hotrod van dream. A 1998 regular no window cargo 5.9L magnum ram van b2500. With just over 100k on the clock and stored in a warehouse most of her life I found it a great donor for what I want to do. Dajiban dragstrip lil monster of a beast she will become. I’ve been going through all the maintenance and quirks tho ready her for a fun filled life. I can’t wait to share the madness and hope I can create new methods of modifications to help vanners in the future. Thanks for letting me be family and I’ll see ya at the yearly meet, this time with a whole new direction.