Dinking with some wires in my 74 tradesman steering column, I'd like to be able to remove the column harness, but can't get past the upper bearing....

In my 80 RV, the ignition switch is in the column, so it's just some screws after pulling the steering wheel to get to the harness... The the shift lever part becomes accessible.
Examples here--https://www.allpar.com/trucks/dodge/steering-column-fix.html

In the tradesman, the ignition switch is in the dash, not the column, so instead of screws beneath the turn signal and hazard wiring, I *thought* it was nuts on studs instead of screws, so I removed the nuts. Turns out they were on bolts, which fell into the shifter space.
The top segment where the signal Cam and hazard switch sit are slightly loosened, but not apparently removable due to a pressed bearing in the way.

At this point, I MUST proceed to restore those bolts into position, but can't.