Heather: I noticed by this article that men become bald much more than women because of the intense activity of their brains.

John: Yes, and I notice that women do not grow beards because of the intense activity of their chins!

Relationship Dynamics - Marriage Jokes

The "car way" of telling how far the relationship is:

-- Trying to impress the woman: unlocks and opens the door, waits for her to get inside, closes her door behind her

-- Dating: the guy unlocks her door and then goes around to his side to get in.

-- Engaged: The man opens his door leans over and unlocks her door and opens it.

-- Married: The man gets in to the driver's seat unlocks the doors and says "Aren't you getting in?"

The only Stephentown on earth.
I don't mind Coming to work,
but that 8hr wait to go home is a bitch.
No matter how little I do,
I always feel I could do less.
"The only thing wrong with a perfect drive to work is that you
end up at work."
1990 Dodge B150