A Cop that thought he was a bad ass was waiting outside a local biker bar, hoping for a bust. At closing time all the Bikers come out and the Cop spotted his potential prey. A Biker that was so obviously inebriated that he was stumbling around and could barely walk and kept dropping his keys. The Cop was trying to meet his quota so he watched as the Biker looked for his motorcycle. After getting on and off five other bikes trying his keys in each one, he finally found his own bike. A beautiful old Shovel head with a springer front end and kick starter. He sat on his motorcycle almost knocking it over as he tried kicking it over. All the other Bikers waved to him as they left. After all the other bikers finally left he kick started the bike with a heavy BRAAAAPPPPPPP and pull forward onto the grass, then stopped looked both ways. Finally, he pulled out onto the road and started to ride away. The Cop, excited with anticipation turned on his lights and immediately the pulled the Biker over. He told the biker he was going to be arrested for a DUI after he administered the roadside breathalyzer test. To the Cops surprise the Biker blew a 0.00. The Cop was dumbfounded. So he made the Biker take the test a second time. And he still blew a 0.00. "This equipment must be broken!" the cop said angrily. The Biker got a big ass smile on his face and could not hold it in any longer and busted out laughing. Finally after he calmed down he said:
"You see officer we all saw you when we first pulled in. So I volunteered to be the designated Biker decoy for the night, and I haven't had one drink all day!"
And yes my pipes are stock!