A cowboy rides up to a saloon where an old man is rocking back and forth in his rocking chair. The cowboy jumps down off his horse, walks up behind the horse, lifts up the horse's tail, and gives it a big kiss on it's backside. The old man stops rocking, and stares at the cowboy walking towards him.
He says "S'cuse me. are you a cowboy"?
The cowboy says "Sure I'm a cowboy".
So the old man says "Why do you kiss your horse on it's backside like that. Are you in love with it or something"?
The cowboy says"No, I'm not in love with the damn horse. But I got chapped lips".
The old man then asks "does that cure them"?
The cowboy responds "Nope, but it sure as hell stops you from licking them".