A guy is out wandering in the desert looking to rent a camel. Each place he stops at, they tell him that they are all out of camels. Finally he comes to a Hurtz Rent-A-Camel. The salesman tells him the same thing. Their all out of camels. But this desperate guy sees one standing in the back of the yard, and says to the salesman, "What about that one"? The salesman explains to him that they only rent that camel to religious people. "You see", says the salesman "to get him to go you say Jesus Christ, and to get him to stop you say Amen". The desperate traveler says to the salesman "Well, I'm not all that religious, but I can say Jesus Christ and Amen". So eventually the salesman agrees to let the traveler take the camel.
So to make up for lost time the traveller says "Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ", and the camel is running flat out across the desert. Suddenly the traveller notices they are heading for the edge of a cliff. So he starts yelling at the camel "Whoa, Stop', then suddenly he remembers "Amen". The camel comes to a screeching halt right at the edge of the cliff, and the traveler gives a sigh, wipes his brow, and says "Jesus Christ that was close".