Reed and 68, that's some great information and definitely something to think about. I really didn't realize the whole oil coming in from a tube deal. Guess I need to read a bunch more before I make my decision.

68, yes... the van is firing up and driving beautifully and we are all ready to hit the road!

By the way... question about the gauge that is on the van currently (original gauge)... it has simply L to H with some tick marks in between. Curious, is there any standard for what each tick represents in psi? While it wouldn't be highly accurate it might would at least give me a bit of an idea until I could get all of this sorted which will most likely be a few months or more since we'll be travelin'.

Thanks all and I will be back to re-read and contemplate this info once we are packed and cruising.

1988 Dodge B250 5.9l 360 Ram CamperVan / 727 Tranny / Rochester Quadrajet Carb