A classic car buff, a hot rodder and a vanner met at a car show. They got into a discussion over who had the smartest dog. It was decided to bring the dogs to the next show and have a contest.
At the next show the classic car buff had his AKC registered show dog, the hot rodder had his beautiful pure bred K9. The vanner showed up with his old Heinz 57 hound that promptly lay down under the van to sleep.
For a contest the classic buff gave his dog instructions to take some crackers from his pinic basket and arrange them on the curb in four stacks fo three each. The show dog did exactly as he was instructed then returned to his owners side.
The hot rodder then told his pure bred to get four beers from the cooler and line them up along the curb in two stacks of two. The pure bred followed orders to the letter and then stood at parade rest beside his proud owner.
They then both looked at the vanner. The vanner kicked his old dog awake and told him, "go do your stuff asshole".
The vanners hound dog ate the crackers, drank the beer, screwed the other two dogs, claimed he hurt his back, went home and drawed workers comp for six weeks.