This is the story of Little Johnny one crisp fall day as he returns home from school

Mom: How was your day today, honey?
Johnny: (with a sheepish look on his face) I don't know if I should say, mom.
Mom: Aw, sweetheart, you know you can tell me anything.
Johnny: Well..( gulp).....I had sex with my teacher today.
Mom: WHAT!!!!!!! You get upstairs to your room right now!!!! And just wait until your father gets home!!!!
So, Little Johnny goes up to his room and prepares for the worst. He hears his father come home and can hear his parents muffled conversation. He hears his father's footsteps coming up the stairs and then the door opens. Dad comes in, closes the door behind him and sits on the bed next to his son.
Dad: So, Johnny, your mother told me that something happened at school today. Would you like to tell me about it?
Johnny: Um, ah, ok Dad. I had sex with my t t teacher t t today.
Johnny prepares himself for the punishment he is sure that lies ahead. Instead.......
Dad: Well , son...........ATTABOY!!!! Good job, little man! You know when I was your age I always wanted to have sex with MY teachers too. In fact, I am so proud of you I am going to take you out right now and buy you a brand new bike!
Johnny: Gee, dad that's a relief you're not mad at me. But can we hold off on the bike, please? My ass is a little sore.