A guy was standing at the bottom of the stairs listening to the bells. He decided to go up and meet the ringer. So he raced up the many stairs until finally he was standing not three meters away from quazimodo.

In a soft voice he said "can I ring the bells" as the hunchback pushed his head against the bell

"No training is needed or you will be in danger"

The guy replied to this "C'mon please I'll be careful"

"Be very careful"

Minutes went by and he pushed the bell with the might of his hands

"Can I ring the bell with my head? “The guy asked


"I can do it"

"Ok don't say you haven't been warned"

Alas on his first heave he lost balance and when the bell swung back it hit him out the window he fell down the tower to his death. Quazimodo raced down the stairs with all possible speed, when he was at the bottom a small crowd had gathered with a policeman examining the body

He yelled to the crowd

"Does anybody know this man?”

Quazimodo then answered

"No, but his face rings a bell"

The only Stephentown on earth.
I don't mind Coming to work,
but that 8hr wait to go home is a bitch.
No matter how little I do,
I always feel I could do less.
"The only thing wrong with a perfect drive to work is that you
end up at work."
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