I was driving down the road when a cat darted out from some bushes; there was no way for me to stop in time, and I hit the cat. I got out to look at it, and sure enough, it was dead. Before I could even decide what I was going to do this lady comes running out of a house screaming at me for killing her cat. I tried explaining there was no way for me to avoid hitting the cat, and it "was running loose". I even offered her $20.00 for the cat; it was just a plain old cat, not a pure bred or anything, but she would't hear of it. About then a County Cop drives by, and stops to see what's going on. She screaming she wants $100.00, and I countered with $30.00, then $40.00, and finally $50.00; there was no way I was going to go any higher. That's when the Cop got involved, and wrote citations to both of us.?????????????????????? For "discussing the price of pussy on a roadway".