A Grandpa & his grandson "Junior" were doing some gardening when they
up-turned a worm, half-way out of his worm-hole.

Junior grabs the worm and exclaims "look Grandpa, I caught a worm!!!"

"Well done Junior" says Grandpa. "Tell ya what, I'll give you a dollar if you can put that worm
back in it's hole"

Junior looks at the worm, thinks for a moment & runs indoors. He comes out with a can of hairspray & gives the worm a
liberal spraying, then returns the worm to his home.

"Well done Junior" exclaims Grandpa with some pride at how smart his Grandson is, "let me go get my wallet"

Grandpa takes rather a long time to return to the garden. Junior here's some odd noises & moans coming from Grandpa's bedroom window too. He eventually returns to Junior outside, all hot & sweaty, and says "Now, here's the dollar I owe you & here's an extra $100 from Grandma".