An old miner had been out mining for a couple of weeks and came into town to get some food, take a bath, and have a drink. He tied up his mule to the hitching rail outside of the saloon.

A young cowboy who had been drinking whiskey all day came out of the saloon and seethe old man. The young drunk cowboy said to the old miner: Hey old man have you ever learned to dance? The old man replied: No aint never felt the need to. The young kid took out his pistols and started shooting the ground at his feet, the crowd of people started laughing as the old man danced in the dirt trying to dodge the bullets. The young drunk put his 6 shooters back in his holsters and turned around to go back in the bar.

At that time the old miner reached over to his mule and pulled out his 12 gauge shotgun. The crowd grew silent as the old man cocked back the hammers and the clicks rang thru the silent desert air. As the young cowboy turned around he was staring down both barrels of a 12 gauge shotgun. The old man ask the kid: Hey boy have you ever kissed a mules Ass? The kid gulped then replied: No but I've always wanted to!

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