My friend and I go for a cruise in my van. After a couple of hours we stop at a back roads bar. After we order a couple of beers we notice an orangutan sittin alone drinking a beer at the end of the bar. My friend decides to ask the bartender, "What's up with the orangutan?" The bartender says, "I'll show you what's up!" He grabs this rubber bat from behind the bar walks around the bar and whacks the orangutan across the top of the head. The orangutan shakes it off and slides off the bar stool, unzips the bartenders pants and proceeds to give the bartender a hummer. After a few minutes, still in shock from what I just saw, the bartender turns to my friend and says, "Do you want to try it? "And to my amazement my friend says, "Hell yeah, just don't hit me so hard with the Bat!"

An open road,full tank of gas,and a good selection of music,me and my Chevy van