Hello Vanners!

I had a good day today. I Found and fixed an annoying rattle that turned out to be a loose upper shock bolt.

Then I removed my rear door handle. The Thumb press decided to no longer rebound on it's own many many months ago.
Found a broken spring. So I Fab'd up another and got her working again good as new with only minimal cursing involved. Did not throw a single tool though, I'm getting better.

[Linked Image]

After this success, I installed some new prothane dust boots to replace 2 which prematurely split. One on a tie rod end, one on a 3 month old Moog draglink. A pitman arm puller made the job super easy. I also regreased all my zerks

Then I installed a new PCV valve grommett.

Not a bad day. Casa Dodge is happy.

What did you do to your Van today?