I use to have a 1976 Dodge Van with a stock 318 2bbl that I added dual exhaust to (I will post a picture as soon as I can upload to my photobucket account) but gas was cheap back in 1988 and I can't remember what kind of mileage I use to get.

I'm going to buy another Dodge Van in the near future, something around 1999-2002. I'm hoping to score one with a 5.3L which I think is a 318 but don't these vans have TBI?

Kind of was wonder what kind of mileage a short-mid size 150 would get with a 5.3L auto trans, dual exhaust or cat back into dual pipes off the converter.

If you have a Dodge Van like this, please post the kind of mileage you get.

Does anyone make an aluminum intake for a 5.3L with a spread bore carb mount? I'm thinking a Q-Jet might get better gas mileage over the TB injection, any thoughts, has anyone done this before?


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