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by Reed. October 19th 2019 10:42 am
I Dream about Vans!
by lukester. October 19th 2019 10:40 am
Converting my G20 to RHD and 4x4
by frscke1. October 19th 2019 9:56 am
Phone Truck Obsession
by newkirkinc1. October 19th 2019 8:32 am
Trailering a van help Please!
by SaltLakeNorseman. October 19th 2019 6:07 am
What is this piece ?
by PhilBiker. October 19th 2019 1:20 am
Parts for Dodge B200
by PhilBiker. October 19th 2019 1:16 am
'93 G30 in San Diego
by lukester. October 18th 2019 9:13 pm
by lukester. October 18th 2019 9:10 pm
1985 Dodge B150 fails emissions twice!
by Reed. October 18th 2019 8:01 pm
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eBay Sightings
2 hours ago
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eBay Sightings
2 hours ago
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General Discussion
3 hours ago
Unle Fester bought my old van and is driving it an a trailer full of parts from Tacoma, WA back to Oklahoma. He got as far as about 90 miles outside of Buttonwillow, CA when the pulley came off the harmonic balancer on the engine and took the serpentine belt with it. Fester is stuck on the side of the road with no tools and a dead van and I am in Tacoma, WA.

He has tow coverage through his insurance, but he needs someplace to repair the van and the parts to do it.

Anybody near Buttonwillow able to help out? It is an 89 E150 with a 351. He needs a new crank pulley, serpentine belt, and maybe a new balancer if the old bolts won't come out (heads sheared off three bolts, one bolt is missing).
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Introduce Yourself.....
3 hours ago
Welcome from Florida.
I have seen a that van posted on here the other day. I really dig it. The colors, interior etc are just way cool. If it looks that good in person and is mechanically decent. I would pull the trigger.
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General Discussion
4 hours ago
Never seen a set flat that worked very well. There has to be a up curve to them. Mine has at least a foot curve in the free state.

Ill get some pic's later today for ya ...
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craigslist Findings
5 hours ago
Lots a fun!!!!!!
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craigslist Findings
5 hours ago
Yes it is lol
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craigslist Findings
5 hours ago
No way!
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Readers Rides
5 hours ago
Looking good and nice work!
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General Discussion
7 hours ago

I might be picking up a van tomorrow (full size dodge) and need to know where to rent a trailer that will fit the van.

I have a Ram 1500 that can haul it but not sure how to find a trailer rental to go about 650 miles. UHaul seems like they are too small.

Please help!

Would be going from CA to Utah.

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craigslist Findings
9 hours ago
Hey all,

Strange place for a 1st post but I've been following this forum for about 6 months now, loved the "Vanning" type vans since I was a kid, am 41yrs young and think THIS might be my 1st attempt at a van!!!

Oh my, SO much wood and harvest gold I'm having childhood flashbacks of our kitchen and my best friends Dodge wagon!

Would this be a good 1st Van?

Never felt like I could comment until I threw or was close to throwing my hat in the ring.

Opinions please?

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Troubleshooting (Dodge)
12 hours ago
Thank you, now I know its usefulness. Do you think it's mandatory to give one? Does that prevent me from starting the van if it is not connected?
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Wanted., Member only Section
12 hours ago
The color does not matter to me I'll cover them, thank you in advance, it's super nice.
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eBay Sightings
14 hours ago
That's the most awesome looking handicap van I have ever seen. Very cool .
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craigslist Findings
15 hours ago
Looks like a good deal to me.
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craigslist Findings
16 hours ago
Might not be a bad deal
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Introduce Yourself.....
16 hours ago
Welcome from Florida.
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Introduce Yourself.....
16 hours ago
Welcome from Florida.

Nice looking van.
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Performance (Dodge)
18 hours ago
Yes. Those four marks are for the magnetic pickup system Chrysler was using in the 70s and 80s. See thse tubes that are on the timing tabs? Those were for the magnetic pickups that dealerships used on their timing lights and diagnostic machines. Everyone else just uses a timing light.

The top timing tab was the one used on trucks and cars where you could see the tab from the top. THe ower tab is mainly a van thing due to the short nose of the van.

If it isn't immediatly obvious which timing mark on the damper is the one you use to find TDC on the #1 cylinder, then you are going to have to use a piston stop tool to find TDC manually. Part of the problem is the four timing marks, part of the problem is the fact that the timing marks are on the outer ring of the vibration damper that is bonded to the inner ring and the vulcanized rubber that holds the outer ring on can degrade over time and allow the out ring to slip. When the outer ring slips it no longer accurately indicates TDC. The only thing to do then is find TDC manually usuing a piston stop tool. It isn't hard, but you have ot know how to do it right.

(1) remove plug from cylinder 1
(1.5) remove the valve cover over cuylinder 1 and rotate the crank while watching the valves. Rotate the crank until you see the intake valve on piston 1 open and then close. This ensures you are on the compression stroke.
(2) install the piston stop tool
(3) rotate crank clockwise by hand until piston contacts the piston stop tool.
(4) make a line on the damper at the TDC mark on the timing tab
(5) rotate the crank counterclockwise until piston contacts piston stop tool
(6) mark a line on the damper at the TDC mark on the timing tab.
(7) TDC on the crank is halfway between the two marks you made on the damper. Don't be surprised if true TDC does not line up with the mark cast into the damper. Make a new mark at true TDC on your damper.
(8) rotate the crank clockwise until the true TDC mark you made on the damper lines up with TDC on the timing tab. Congratulations. Your motor is now at true TDC on the compression stroke of the #1 piston.
(9) disconnect vacuum advance hose and plug it
(10 ) reinstall the plug in #1, along with the #1 plug wire
(11) start engine and use the timing light to set your base timing a specified.

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Readers Rides
Yesterday at 06:10 PM
Thanks for the best wishes guys. Hoping she is home later today or tomorrow. Doing batter. Big scare to say the least.
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craigslist Findings
Yesterday at 03:13 PM
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eBay Sightings
Yesterday at 02:57 PM
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Vans in the Media
Yesterday at 12:22 PM
I seen those pics , wasn't there till 77. awesome back in the days!
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For Sale, Member only Section
Yesterday at 05:52 AM
I'd love the adjustment arm and bracket for the passenger side foot well vent... the arm broke off on mine.
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General Discussion
Yesterday at 01:32 AM
Yes, Floors are done, will have pic's up within a couple days! Thanks for asking!
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