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1969 Econoline Shorty
by Deathorvictory - October 26th 2020 12:57 am
Some Junkyard Finds
by Deathorvictory - October 26th 2020 12:53 am
What Did You do To your Van Today?
by Deathorvictory - October 26th 2020 12:46 am
Filter in Brake Booster Vacuum Line?
by Ram4ever - October 25th 2020 10:57 pm
Chevy/GMC Van Rear Doors '71-'95
by Hugo - October 25th 2020 10:39 pm
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Re: 1969 Econoline Shorty Deathorvictory 16 minutes ago
That’s an amazing score for $30. Are you not going to run the one you painted?
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Re: Some Junkyard Finds Deathorvictory 20 minutes ago
Looks like the dodge has those triple angled windows. I bet it’s a cool van
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Re: What Did You do To your Van Today? Deathorvictory 27 minutes ago
I’ve been working on a cabinet for the van that holds one of my coolers and my electronics in a separate cubby. I am also going to have a smaller set of upper cabinets and an upper wood valance. I thought about incorporating some wood spindles if the height was right to connect them together. Scored a set from my club mate, he happened to have a big bundle of them. I’m not all that experienced when it comes to wood working but should come out pretty good.
[Linked Image from]

I’ll trim the square portions down to fit, the turned portion is maybe 14-15”
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Re: 93 Chevy 4x4 $12k Jacksonville Fla. Rusty_Pancelode 1 hour ago
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Re: Filter in Brake Booster Vacuum Line? Ram4ever 2 hours ago
That filter may actually be a filter for keeping oil vapors out of the brake booster, or a one-way valve depending on what you've got. Some vans even have both.

Since the brake booster is full of vacuum, once the engine shuts off, atmospheric pressure pushes any fumes in the manifold into the booster, where the rubber parts can be attacked over time.

You could attach a hand operated vacuum pump to the booster to see if it holds vacuum.

As for substantial vacuum leaks in out of the obvious places, try the charcoal evaporative canisters and their hoses. Those hoses frequently turn mushy and split wide open. The master canister (with the vacuum actuator on top) has a rubber diaphragm inside which can rupture, causing a very substantial vacuum leak. When you attach a hand vacuum pump to that actuator, it should hold vacuum.

Among my favorite stealth failures on vintage vans is the fuel tank cap. It has a breather valve built in. Driving at highway speeds, you develop maximum vacuum from the fuel pump. If the breather valve in the cap fails, you will starve the carb for fuel, and can literally collapse a tank. All you need to do to eliminate that as a culprit is to try opening the cap when you've got a stall and listen for a "whoosh" of incoming air to replace the built up vacuum. It's possible to drive with the cap partially cracked open too, though that does have some potential safety issues.
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Re: Chevy/GMC Van Rear Doors '71-'95 Hugo 2 hours ago
me too smile
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Re: Will it fit ? captainchrysler 2 hours ago
Yes they will interchange. The differences are minor. The exterior handle should be the black plastic one on the 92, it's also a little longer so it has 1 different mounting hole. You can put the original style on but you have to redo a hole. The latch style is different, (easier to put newer door on an old body). The older basically puts a peg into a hole but the newer clamps onto a hook. It may be possible to swap over all those parts. I think the door to door latch is slightly different also. Get the pair if you can. That's what I've always done.
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Re: Hey there. New to the forum with a 90 G10 Starlord Yesterday at 11:52 PM
Welcome! Glad you've joined us.
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Re: quarter window latchs shaggy Yesterday at 10:45 PM
Thanks Jim.
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Re: 1985 dodge b150 starving for fuel Ram4ever Yesterday at 09:33 PM
Since you're seeing this during heavy acceleration, have you checked the throttle kick down adjustment? It's the sliding rod which couples the throttle mechanism to the transmission. It's notorious for causing such issues. It adjusts fluid pressure in the transmission, so it's a big deal.

Do you have a service manual? The adjustment is described in the section on transmissions. I could dig up the adjustment procedure if you don't have it.

Also, the kick down rod should be spring loaded at both ends; be sure the springs aren't missing.

While you're in that area, before making the kick down adjustment, make sure that when you push the accelerator pedal to the flood that the butterflies are actually opening fully. If not, you can adjust the opening via the threaded rod which couples the accelerator pedal to the throttle mechanism on the carb.
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Re: 1994 Dodge Camper van $9000 Los Angeles CA Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 09:25 PM
Probably more like Sitting Bull.
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Re: 64' Econoline/Falcon $5000 Lompoc CA Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 09:23 PM
Originally Posted by bigbongo
That's not Patina. That's Bondotina.

I think I knew her back in the day.
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Re: 1967 Econoline $3600 Littleton CA Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 09:21 PM
No, just the "furnace".
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Re: 1978 Ford E-Series Van 1978 ford econoline van Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 09:17 PM
That Hendrix album is legendary (even on 8-track).

I've never owned an 8-track, but my parents had a few tapes and players.
I always thought it was the absolute worst way you could listen to music.
You don't get to accurately select the songs...
You can't easily replay the songs...
You lose good tapes to dirty pinch rollers way too easily...
Etc... etc...
The only thing I liked about them was their portability, but I came from the world of cassettes, so...
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Re: 1974 Dodge B100 Van 1974 Dodge B100 Van Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 09:12 PM
Originally Posted by VanMan83
Very interested in this, but pretty new to vans. Is the price reasonable for condition? Apparently the AC does not work but it is an AC van. How bad of a fix is this?

If the van is as nice as it claims to be, the price isn't astronomically high for a van like that.
If I could get it for $12,000 I'd probably buy it myself, but I wouldn't buy it at all unless I was planning to show it.
I'd pay him the full $15k if the girl came with it (I'd remove the tacky socks myself). LOL

The A/C issue depends on what it needs to get it working.
Sometimes there's a refrigerant leak, sometimes there's a compressor or compressor clutch failure.
I can't imagine that it would be impossible to fix, but some vehicle specific parts can be hard to come by.
It could cost anywhere from $250 to $1500 and up to get it working again.
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Re: 1974 Ford E-Series Van Custom Van Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 08:57 PM
Not since we moved away from there.
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Re: 1976 Chevrolet G10 Shorty VAN Van 1976 Chevrolet G10 Shorty VAN Van Blue G10 Shorty VAN Van Blue 3 Speed Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 08:55 PM
Yeah, I think so.
Someone said something about Keystones on Chevys.
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Re: 91 Chevy (electric) $5500 Pennsylvania Rusty_Pancelode Yesterday at 08:54 PM
I agree. My son and I nearly got hit by a Nissan Leaf because we couldn't hear it coming around a corner at the library last year.
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Re: Turns over wont start 85 g20 305 Doone Yesterday at 02:21 PM
Thanks frscke1, rebuilt dist came with the ecm and resistor, we put a brand new coil in too. Still no spark. Fusible link? I should mention that it died while going down the road after a full throttle pass. Everything else works, ie starter motor, lights, radio heater fan, etc, etc. Can you tell me where the ground strap is on both ends? Just stumped by this, also there seems to be no OBD plug in this unit. There is quite a mish mosh of wiring under the column. Have this van for 10 years never failed to start before, hate to junk it. So many new parts, 82k miles and body and interior in great shape. My worry is fix this and what next.
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Re: 1986 chevy G-20 short bed ,Florida Lee7673 Yesterday at 01:19 PM
Glad it stayed with a vanner. Nice van. Keep us posted with the build.
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Re: 95 G20 Scavenger Hunt frscke1 Yesterday at 03:15 AM
The speed sensor doesnt set off the ABS light. 2 different systems ... speed sensors go off and the red BRAKE light comes on. If the ABS light is on you have different problems.

The reason I know this is my brake light has been on for 28 yrs cause when they made it a 4X4 they didnt get a wheel hub with speed sensors on them. The computer keeps lookin for it.

I get a ABS light when Im on and off the brake ped alot after highway drivin and the ABS system doesnt get to repressurize quickly enough. The Allocation bar under the brake res .... it helps the ABS pulse the wheel pads it Allocates which wheel needs brake and which one is slipppin..... this is weakest part of the ABS sys.
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Re: Turkey Van Run 2020 November 21st Bruce Rossmeyer's Daytona Harley-Davidson 1637 US-1, Ormond Beach, FL 32174 newkirkinc1 October 24th 2020 10:20 pm
Not looking good with the Covid comming on!
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Re: 94 Chevy RV Van $4500 Texas Facebook SDMickey October 24th 2020 9:41 pm
hey screemer; duct tape; WD40 and " the floor jack " smile
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Re: 1978 Dodge Trans Van $19,999.00 Solvang CA SDMickey October 24th 2020 9:10 pm
Time capsule. So cool so retro.
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Re: 1969 FORD ECONOLINE ALL ORIGINAL - $2,000 (Moreno Valley) SDMickey October 24th 2020 9:09 pm
bigbongo: missed it by a day Bro; posted 22nd
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