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Vandura interior measurements?
by shaggy - March 01st 2024 7:23 am
1987 G20 Gypsy
by 1983 G20 Van - March 01st 2024 3:47 am
1977 Dodge B200 Survivor
by SDMickey - March 01st 2024 1:20 am
1979 Dodge B200 V8 3/4 Ton Help!
by MufflerMan Mike - February 29th 2024 7:55 pm
Whats your temperature ?
by MufflerMan Mike - February 29th 2024 7:42 am
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dodge b200 1976 bigbongo 17 minutes ago
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Re: 1975 Chevrolet chevy van g10 $9,500 CatFish 35 minutes ago
Originally Posted by bigbongo
Why is the dash like that?

Don't know....but I've got a set of inside door handles just like those..... lol
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1975 Dodge B200 Tradesman Rodco Custom $24,995.00 Phoenix AZ SDMickey 51 minutes ago

OMG. Time Capsule. So nice. Needs chrome rims. van
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Re: Vandura interior measurements? shaggy 2 hours ago
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Re: 1987 G10 LWB Van $19,000.00 Bunnell FL MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
Good looking van.
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Re: 1979 G10 Van $12,500.00 Lewiston ID MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
Nice looking motor.
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Re: 1977 E150 Van $15,000.00 Agusta KS MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
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Re: 1985 G20 Camper $19,500 Boise ID MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
Clean. Some cheese they want there.
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Re: 1976 G20 LWB Van BCO Dallas TX MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
It's solid.
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Re: 1973 Econoline 300 Van $12,500.00 Cocoa FL MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
Cleaned old van.
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Re: 1997 Honda Wagovan $5900.00 Japan MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
We have quite a few of those popping up around here.
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Re: 1969 Chevy Panel Step Van $15K Fort Pierce FL FL MufflerMan Mike 5 hours ago
Neat delivery but that's a lot of green.
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Re: 1987 G20 Gypsy 1983 G20 Van 6 hours ago
Originally Posted by SDMickey
Such great documentation on your build chevy

As much documentation as I have done, probably should not get too far into this 350 long block build but I will. I should probably leave it at suffice to say it is probably the poster child for how not to build a small block Chevy, lol. However I will expand on that a bit. I had a pile of used parts and wanted to know just what I could get away with building a Chevy V8. Lets just say it is not as bad as many remans I have seen, but it is a complete and total mismatch of parts. Also has some stuff done that some would feel sketchy at best.

The block was a Goodwrench L31 pulled at ~120K miles with cracked heads and an oil pan full of coolant and oil mix. The crank had some wear on it and there was bearing material from the rod bearings in the pan. I blew the engine completely apart, cleaned it all up. I probably should of pulled cam bearings, I did not. I put a L30 marine crank from a freeze cracked engine in it after emory clothing some very light surface rust off the journals.

I matched the home polished L30 marine crank with a set of LT1 pistons and powdered metal rods from 2 different LT1s I had previously torn down. I used the rods and pistons that matched in weight closest to the L30 rods and pistons from that cracked block boat engine. The 8 LT1 pistons and rods I ended up using were the ones in the best condition, having the least wear and in the middle weight wise of the heaviest and lightest L30 pistons and rods that had been on the crank pins of that crank. Measured both weights with the rings installed.

I had a set of upper and lower compression rings that matched the LT1 pistons ring dimensions and the 4.00 bore size. IIRC they were actually part of a Mahle 87-92 Ford 302 HO ring set that a buddy just gave me a few years back thinking it was a SBC ring set when I bought a set of new 6.0" SBC H-beam rods and a few other small block parts dirt cheap from him when he decided he was only going to build big blocks. As such the oil control rings did not match, I cleaned and re-used the used LT1 rings rather than buying the $120 metric LT1 ring set.

The cylinder walls were in such good shape, I never even put a hone to them. I felt disturbing the factory crosshatch in the bores as well as increasing the piston to bore clearence would be a step backwards taking material off the bores. The cylinder heads and block face were not resurfaced, but I still used extremely thin Felpro rubber embossed 0.016" compressed steel shim head gaskets to help bump the compression and get a more ideal quench distance.

The oil pump was a cleaned and re-used big block pump with a matching pickup for a small block depth pan. The timing set is a 120K mile single roller from that engine that looked new and was not sloppy at all. When I degreed the cam, the camshaft immediately changed direction in response to moving the crank the opposite direction.

When I set these heads up, I intended to use them on the 97 and run with the a 7395' Marine aka Ramjet/HT383 cam and 1.6 rockers. As such, I skipped adding the more fragile 0.050" offset retainers to compensate for the difference in installed height of the LS6 valve springs. The LS6 springs are thus at an installed height of 1.74" vs 1.80" of a LS. They are rated 0.550" at the 1.80" installed height, which means they are actually rated to 0.490" at their current installed height. The 7395 cam and 1.6 rocker combination skates under at 0.481" lift on the exhaust side and the 15-20 lbs or so of added seat pressure to me was not a big deal with such a small cam and the heavier SBC valves and valvetrain. The 6492 cam I ended up using actually has 0.496" exhaust lift with the 1.6 rocker, thus the springs are actually running 0.006" lift over their rated lift spec. Then again GMPP states 0.550 and the LS6 cam has a bit more lift than that (0.554") as do most of the aftermarket LS grinds calling for those springs, very highly doubt it is a real issue at all.

The GM roller lifters are actually out of a couple different engines, I picked the ones that had the smoothest rollers and least wear on the bodies. Took each one apart, one at a time, cleaned them, cleaned the internals and put them back together. When I put them in the engine, I matched the largest OD lifters to the lifter bores that had the largest ID and continued down the line until eventually the smallest OD lifters were in the smallest ID lifter bores.

Using all the spare and used parts laying around, excluding the Proflow 4 setup and exhaudt manifolds, I do not have $500 in the whole long block including the $100 core charge, new Felpro head gaskets, new head bolts, new 1-piece oil pan gasket, Summit bargain cave Holley L31 aluminum timing cover, $105 GM 6492' roller cam. That is even counting the LS6 springs and Comp 787 retainers I purchased close to a decade ago that I had previously set those heads up with. Except the head gaskets and oil pan gaskets, every other gasket or seal in that engine was from a box of new gaskets I have leftover from 20 years of working on small blocks and GM engines. The heads themself are Chinese thick cast Speedmaster Vortecs that came on a Tahoe I bought with a rod knocking bottom end and put a different used engine into. I ended up buying a $120 reman AD244 alternator from Oreilly, but the rest of the accessories are all used straight out of the spare parts stash. I did go ahead and also invest in a new plastic fan blade and a new fan clutch because of the nature of re-using unknown parts there possibly allowing fans to blow apart and take out things.

It honestly though, blows my mind how well the thing runs, how consistent and even the compression is cylinder to cylinder, how smooth the engine idles and revs and how the rings have already seated well enough, that with the fixed orifice style LS PCV "valve" the crankcase vent tube builds vacuum nearly instantly from that tiny 0.080" or so hole in it. It has virtually no blowby at all and I bet the rings seat even better with some miles put on it.
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Re: 1974 Dodge tradesman B300 $12,000 SDMickey 8 hours ago
Looks to be in great shape and the interior lookes originL
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Re: 1995 G20 Window Van $14,900.00 Irvine CA SDMickey 8 hours ago
More like rent a room in a house for $1200 a month. Sad but true
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Re: 1977 Dodge B200 Survivor SDMickey 9 hours ago
No doubt such a great find.Hope you keep it period correct
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Re: 1986 G20 Van $2000 Eugene OR MufflerMan Mike 14 hours ago
That's why it's a "Conversation Van" peeping toms have something to talk about.😉
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Re: 1979 Dodge B200 V8 3/4 Ton Help! MufflerMan Mike 14 hours ago
Hi all welcome and that stinks about your engine, good thing you didn't loan it to enemies.. Biscuit Gravy is on the right path there.
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Re: Whats your temperature ? MufflerMan Mike Yesterday at 12:42 PM
Yesterday morning at 4:30 73° this morning at 4:30 40°.
Ain't winter grand.
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Re: 93 B250 double door keep open mechanism... Meanmachine February 28th 2024 9:36 pm
Is there a part number on them
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Re: 1984 Dodge ram van 3500 Wide One $3,000 SDMickey February 28th 2024 3:39 am
House on wheels. No mention on how it runs = ?
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Re: 1990 Dodge Ram Van B250- $5,549 (marietta) SDMickey February 28th 2024 3:35 am
Nice looking set up for the $ for sure
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Re: 1987 Astro. Back in a van. SDMickey February 28th 2024 3:28 am
Welcome back.
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Re: Electrical problem!! soundhd February 27th 2024 11:43 pm
I agree with Wedge…..electrical problems can be a problem with a newer vehicle but with an older vehicle it can be a nightmare….First thing you needed to do (which you did) was to get a copy of the electrical manual….next get a copy of the shop manual….. First thing you need to check are all the ground points….and do not just look at them…you need to loosen the bolt the ground strap/cable, clean around the bolt hole nd sand it down to bare metal, do the same with the strap/cable then reinstall and if possible coat the assembled connection with shot of paint or some sort of sealer. You will need to do this with all the ground points, the manuals will help alot…..yeah I know it going to be a pain in the rear but 1st it’s the cheapest step and alot of times it cures all the weird electrical problems going on now and later. Hope this helps.
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Re: 1977 Dodge Van $4750 Temecula CA newkirkinc1 February 27th 2024 7:06 pm
Nice project.
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