a.k.a. "the Buttafuocco Van Clan"
Concord, New Hampshire

Welcome to the Rock Pile!

a very disorganized bunch of beer drinking, bad joke telling vanner types. =)

Rock Pile Vanz% started way back in 1995. Originally it was the NH chapter of Loonie Toon Truckers from NJ but it was decided that our own identity was needed. Many ideas were tossed about, as well as many beers. We ended up with Rock Pile due to the huge rock pile next to Tim's house where we usually get together. We are now working on our 6th year as a club.
RPV is made of Tim (Mr. Dink), Barry & Cindy Buttafuocco, Dave ASTRO, Bryce, Kenny, Mikey,Chris and Terry, Kevin, Steve (the wild man!) and Katie and Heidi (Tim's daughters, 2nd generation rocks)
We have other members who come and go or maybe make one run a year, but these are the core.

We host a run/party on the last weekend in February every year called
Ice Hole Madness. We gotta be nuts ;-)

Memorial Day, 1995.

Shit Happens, 1995.

Indian Hollow, 1996?

Memorial Day, 1996
Tim, Katie and Astro working hard
in the NEVC booth.

Memorial Day, 1996

Memorial Day, 1999

Memorial Day, 1999
the Rock Pile at rest.

Frostbite Frollics 1999
Will the real dummy please step foward?.

© 2000. Dave ASTRO