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#7187 - April 03rd 2004 10:45 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
tumbleweed Offline
old hand

Registered: January 27th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 724
Loc: Centreville, VA. 20120 USA
new web site for spinter,

#7188 - April 03rd 2004 10:47 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
tumbleweed Offline
old hand

Registered: January 27th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 724
Loc: Centreville, VA. 20120 USA
Still looking for right site for spinter.

#7189 - April 03rd 2004 10:49 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
tumbleweed Offline
old hand

Registered: January 27th 2001 12:00 pm
Posts: 724
Loc: Centreville, VA. 20120 USA
Sorry, Try this one:

#7190 - April 09th 2004 12:32 am Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
Virtual Offline


Registered: December 27th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 5869
Loc: Toronto, Canada
Judith sent me the responses she got from the CofC, I will try to get that info up as soon as I can as well as summarize the answers here.

It is all about thinking outside the box and actually following through with the ideas. This is exactly what many vanners have been doing and are doing especially this year.

Just this year alone vanners have been in and to big car/truck shows in Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Syracuse and Charlotte. Plans are in the making to have a large showing of vanners on the Hot Rod Power Tour. Vanners have written many letters to Truckin', Hot Rod and responded to the forums.

Last year I went to see the Barris Supervan restoration. I will be going back to Bradford Ontario next Friday to see the completed work. Going out on a limb and invite them to bring it to Vanfest in June. Maybe they could work that into CCR.

There are many ideas we can come up with, it is to our benefit to try them out.

Keep coming up with ideas and we will all try to make them happen ! We will not likely see the number of vanners increase tremendously, but even 10% would be nice and having vans back in the media will encourage all vanners to continue building and restoring custom vans for many years to come.

My dream is still to attend the 50th Nationals ! I got back into it for the 25th and I will do what I can to help keep it going.

#7191 - May 12th 2004 11:33 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
surf_n_turf Offline

Registered: March 15th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 2
Loc: Ma.
Hello guys,

Newby here. I belong to a site
http// It's mostly mechanical, but every now and then I drop a referral to your site. I think the probs for vans has to do with 2 bucks a gallon. They're not the easiest engines to work on either, and did I mention 2 bucks a gallon.
I have a 351 windsor engine. Put one in a Mustang, and look out. Put one in a van, and hope you're not in a hurry.
I like the site btw, and don't need any convincing about vanning. Somewhat like a turtle with the bedroom in the back. Ahh, the good old days.
Maybe I catchy bumper sticker would help. There must still be interest, with the Honda Element, and Scion. I hear sales are taking off. Ford has always sold a lot of them. If we could just get one to break the 30 mpg mark, I think we would have a revival. Luck to all!!

#7192 - May 25th 2004 2:54 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
Out Of The Box Offline

Registered: May 25th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 6
Loc: Royse City, Tx
yeah, there's still interest at least with the Scion can see it here

as i saw stated a few posts up, the xB and Element aren't considered vans by some....but the general shape is there...and if you want sliding doors on one, i'm sure there is a customizer out there just dieing for someone to come by and get it done.

i just see them as the new generation of microvans, and i know they have definately peeked my interest.

#7193 - May 26th 2004 8:38 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
dahaf Offline

Registered: November 02nd 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 82
Loc: Longmont, Colorado, USA
I have to give credit where credit is due. There ARE new vanners going to eVANts. Went to Lone Star's eVANt, one of the bigger groups, I believe they were called All Fired Up Vans, and very appropriately named, had youth in their club. They all caraVANed in like we used to do "in the old daze". Big on club participation, too.

Attended Central Iowa Vans 30th VANniversary, and there were youthful vanners there also. Again, big on club participation. The club that sticks out in my mind is Central Illinois Vans, apparantly resurrecting. We saw them at Spring Fever in Missouri. Would love to attend their eVANt.

The puppy introduced in Iowa by Three Trails was a returning participant at Spring Fever. His comment to me was that he's hooked, wants to continue.

I believe we'll see new youthful faces. It will happen slowly, but it will happen. The vanners sticking with it will have it in their soul, like the veteran vanners.

These younger vanners have a special place in my heart. Luv talking to them. They have the enthusiasm. They will show us a good time.

My apologies for not quite remembering some of the other club names. My memory occasionally suffers.


#7194 - June 14th 2004 2:43 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
Sean One Phuct Prez Offline

Registered: June 14th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 10
Loc: Oswego New York
How do we help Vanning grow and survive????

We need to show our support for anyone who is making an atempt to become a vanner or start a new club... our club was created 12-24-01 and we have been working together since then to git-er-done. we have had tons upon tons of good comments about working together as club,arriving to a run as a club, participating as a club, and much more...BUT we have heard comments that we dont belong.... we are not real vanners.... we shouldnt be allowed to have or form a club....that is what kills it for us new people.
We start feeling shunned so we dont bring puppies then members stop coming then before you know it a new club is gone.....
if we are doing something wrong TELL US...if you have an idea to help us TELL US.... just give us a hand let us use your experience so we (new vanners and clubs) can git-er-done...

one phuct prez

#7195 - June 14th 2004 3:19 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
Chooie Offline
old hand

Registered: January 29th 2004 12:00 pm
Posts: 637
Loc: Chicago - yougottaproblemwitda...
You're not the first to say that you feel shunned. I heard it myself. Don't listen to the negative. If your local Vanners want to push you out, Our doors are open. We'll make room for ya at Nats. Build your Vans and Van the way you want to. You have Vans right? As long as you are trying to do your own thing, no one should have anything to say. Keep on gettin-it-done. To hell with those who oppose new blood. A club in my council (CIV) keeps growing and growing. We can learn alot from clubs like Central Illinois Vans.

#7196 - June 14th 2004 3:25 pm Re: How do we help Vanning grow and survive?
Vanner68 Offline

Registered: December 23rd 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 3676
Loc: Eastpointe, MI ,yewessay
I do not for the life of me understand some people's thinking. Either you don't have a nice enough van, or you haven't been to enough runs, or you're too young to know the lifestyle, or you cut your hair funny...I've heard a bunch of them- personally. And I'm not that young either. Just keep on keepin on...

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