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#577311 - August 02nd 2012 9:55 pm Eyes of the next generation *****
theroseptv Offline
Just Call Me Trouble !!

Registered: May 01st 2006 12:00 pm
Posts: 753
Loc: Crivitz, WI
I know this might upset some but I'm very proud of my daughter. Please read to the end and post after you read all the way thru. There is some truth that I believe others should see.

All the time people keep asking me
what i thought vanning is, here is a definition
past, present,and future:


big or small we all are still equal
vanning is ment to be fun and games
somewhere where adults can relive there childhood
with out taking a step back
vannings are where childern can be free to no end and still be safe
because everyone has eachothers back
we all have watched eachother grow up and seen what they became
and wat they became is truely a miracle
they all became happy strong independant loving people
that share their fun with everyone around them
van rallies used to be like a fairytale
where u didnt have to worry about anything
because everyone around u helped
wen i was little i use to think i was one of the luckiest kid in the world because i saw wat vanning was
not just the partying
i saw wat it truely ment to be a vanner


lately i have been wondering what vanning truely is
i know what it is but for some they are starting to forget
Vanning isnt about where u have it
fair ground or not
its about laying back and having fun with your friends
it doesnt matter if you have a van or not as long as ur a vanner at heart
When i was younger there use to be no fights or atleast very few
but now the older i get the more people seperate
vanning isnt suppose to be like high school
where you have your jocks
preps nerds and others
vanning is one giant family that is there to releave you from stress and worries
not to create them


i truthfully can not say that i know what is gonna happen in the future
but i do know where it will be based on peoples decissions
if we choose to have a stareotypical vanning life style
then there will be no vanning left
but if we choose to help eachother and not let a few people decide what
stays and goes we can save vanning
people say look toward the young vanners cus they are the future
well here is one that wants to help but never gets a chance to be heard
this is my way of being heard take it or leave it
its all up to u
Live everyday like there is no tomorrow.

#577313 - August 02nd 2012 9:58 pm Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
theroseptv Offline
Just Call Me Trouble !!

Registered: May 01st 2006 12:00 pm
Posts: 753
Loc: Crivitz, WI
Just so you know my daughter is a 3rd generation vanner.
Krowbar and Dot 1st generation
Monica and RJ 2nd generation
She would love to see vanning grow but it has to come from all of us.
Live everyday like there is no tomorrow.

#577321 - August 03rd 2012 12:01 am Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
Suzie-BGfNY-IN Offline
Bad Girls from New York, Bad Western Inn in IN.

Registered: September 21st 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 6124
Loc: Franklin, IN USA
Wonderful words of wisdom from the eyes of one of our own!

I totally agree--I have said that without the freedom of creativity our lifestyle wouldn't have survived this long and we need to remember that we all may be different in our creativity yet one in our efforts then we will be just fine.

Monica, you should be proud of Sylvia, she has said what many can't! And thank you Sylvia for saying so loudly and firmly!

VAN ON Ladies!
Cherish your friends!
HUGGS to all!

#577330 - August 03rd 2012 12:35 am Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
wookee Offline
carpal tunnel

Registered: April 14th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 7537
Loc: Joppa Md. U.S.A.
When you get it right.Kids some time are the first ones to understand.......

Its a "Van Thing"
A life style you have to LIVE to understand!

Vintage Chevy Van Club

#577334 - August 03rd 2012 2:47 am Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
Hoofbeats Offline

Registered: September 22nd 2008 12:26 pm
Posts: 642
Loc: Texas
That is the risk you run when you exclude people for what ever reason.A few years ago the Nationals were held in PA not to far from Bloomsburg.It was held on the same weekend as the Family Events 4x4 jamboree in Bloomsburg.If I remember right the Nationals had less then 600 vans show up.Bloomsburg had over 4,000 4x4s of all kinds.It didn't matter if it was home made or whatever.You also didn't need to bring a 4x4 to get in and look at the 4x4s.Over the three day weekend over 30,000 people payed to come in and look at the 4x4s.Four wheels also have an image problem but they include anyone that wants to see thing for themselves.

#577336 - August 03rd 2012 6:23 am Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
Wizard78 Offline
Supreme Master

Registered: August 20th 2008 10:14 pm
Posts: 17160
Loc: Virginia
Very Nicely said
Everyday above ground is a Good Day!!!
Never Stop Vannin'

Owner & Creator of Wizard's Van-In Videos
Member of Riding High Truckers from 1982 to 1996
2nd Member of The Toopa Sinner Tribe
Member of Free Bird Vanners 1996 to Present
Member of Cape Atlantic Truckers South Jersey
Host Club of Freeze Out
Certified Nats Judge
Member of Shenandoah Valley Vans

#577440 - August 03rd 2012 6:09 pm Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
Uncle_Fester Offline
Festerus Vannimus

Registered: May 26th 2007 10:41 pm
Posts: 8995
Loc: On Route 66 in Bethany Oklahom...
I like this. Very well stated ! We are doing our best to raise our girls to be vanners, and so far they love the life style.
My vans,

1)The 1991 Dodge B250, J.Y.D.

Founder & President of Sooner or Later United Truckers and PROUD TO BE A S.L.U.T. ! !

#577446 - August 03rd 2012 7:02 pm Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
matchstickBGV Offline

Registered: January 01st 2008 10:24 am
Posts: 3428
Loc: louisville, ky
When I started vanning I thought it was a big happy family, then you start to find out about all of the little grudges and petty things people hold against each other, whether it's over the show n shine, a good time gone wrong, something discriminatory or worse. It's a bummer. We just gotta keep rolling double nickels down the freeway and promote good times and smiles for miles. we can get back on track.
I go to Truck-ins. How about you?

#577448 - August 03rd 2012 7:15 pm Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: theroseptv]
Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!! Offline

Registered: June 10th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 12707
Loc: Burlington, On, Canada Eh !!!!
Well said..and words to van on by.....and yes I have met the writer....until know I did not realize how much she could teach us...

Yep, however we are all human, and we have our frailties...just have to "Keep on Vanning "

On the " Road of Vanning " there will be some rough pavement..however the True Hearted always end up at the Gate.....
I don't need to be honoured by Vanning, I am honoured to be Vanning !
Supporting Vanning, by going Vanning In A Van !
I hate it, when real life interferes with Vanning !
Van Clan Plus One, Vanning since 1977 !
Ontario Federation Of Truckers (Vanner's)
Ottawa Valley Vans
Founder,Mixed Bag Truckers

#577595 - August 05th 2012 2:46 am Re: Eyes of the next generation [Re: Doc 2% of Canada, EH!!!!]
FinallyaVanner Offline
old hand

Registered: June 04th 2010 12:47 pm
Posts: 1097
Loc: Westchester Calif.
Very cool sayings and feelings.
This is my first van and when I bought it I did not know how my family would react. Well it was with open arms. The kids can't wait to get it done and go cruising with all the other vans.
My daughter also has a bunch of friends that want to go cruisin'.
They think the 70's vans are the coolest.
My daughter showed me her year book and the new rage is to have a 60's or 70's American car, truck or van. That is considered cool to have now!! So hopefully it will carry on.

As for me the building of the van is as much fun as the cruising and outings!!! And the enthusiasm my kids and wife have about all of it, is great!!!

It is better to have Van'd once in your life, then to never had Van'd at all!

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