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#565899 - May 31st 2012 8:54 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
Sweet_Spot Offline

Registered: August 27th 2008 1:54 pm
Posts: 681
Loc: Queens NY and East Islip, NY
Monroe Gas-Matics. After I bought the van in 83 I replaced the stock ones with Gas-Matics, I replaced them in 2005 with new Gas Matics. It isn't like I beat on the van and overload it, but at least they lasted.
1983 E-100 Shorty
East Islip,NY - Queens,NY
"Sweet Spot"

#565905 - May 31st 2012 9:31 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
wrcsixeight Offline

Registered: April 30th 2010 8:57 pm
Posts: 1947
Loc: San Diego
KYB Gas a Justs. Not Gr-2's

#565952 - June 01st 2012 6:43 am Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
NateNCBV Offline


Registered: August 23rd 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 20415
Loc: Brooklyn Park, Maryland, USA
I've heard that the Bilsteins are the cat's meow, but I'm cheap so I use Monroe Gas-Magnum shocks exclusively.

Monroe Sensa-Tracs are good shocks too, but I've only used them in cars. Not sure how they are in a van or truck.
Nate Breece
North Chesapeake Bay Vans
1994 Dodge B250 Elk Conversion (5.2L/A518)
2008 Dodge Caravan (3.8L)

#565974 - June 01st 2012 10:51 am Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
MikeH_Vannin Offline

Registered: April 23rd 2011 10:39 pm
Posts: 32
Loc: Florida
Monroe Gas-matics. They're a step up from stock but don't cost to much. Would have gone another step up to KYB but I needed to save some money.
1987 Dodge B-250 Ram Van

#565976 - June 01st 2012 11:16 am Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
Uncle_Leon Offline

Registered: October 06th 2011 10:39 am
Posts: 103
Loc: Brooklyn, New York
Interesting post. Thanks for the info. I think shocks will have to be my next essential purchase. The van's been rockin' a little bit more than we like... crazy

#565977 - June 01st 2012 11:22 am Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
wookee Offline
carpal tunnel

Registered: April 14th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 7561
Loc: Joppa Md. U.S.A.
Asking about shocks is kinda like asking about beer......
Every one like some thing different.
I like Monroes over Gabriels.
No "key board" review here.
I actually bolted them on my vans and ran them......

Its a "Van Thing"
A life style you have to LIVE to understand!

Vintage Chevy Van Club

#566001 - June 01st 2012 2:32 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
draggnastro Offline

Registered: May 09th 2006 12:00 pm
Posts: 4460
Loc: Springfield, Illinois
ive always used gabriels just because im cheap, but i would like to try out the monroes on the Ford.
2003 Grand Caravan

Member Vanatics Van Club-Spfld, IL
Member Florida Van Council
Member Central Florida Vans,-Orlando, FL

#566056 - June 01st 2012 8:42 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: draggnastro]
RamVan2500 Offline

Registered: February 01st 2012 8:12 pm
Posts: 239
Loc: Florida, USA
Personally I don't like Monroes, they don't last long but they do offer a very cloud like ride. I have gabriels now and they're great and weren't expensive at all. Now to be honest on a Dodge which is unibody the ride is going to be different then your body on chassis Ford... Truely what wookee said is correct, slap them suckers on and give it a try but doing that is expensive. Me I already know what shocks I use and will probably continue to use, I just wanted to get to know what shocks other vanners like to use on there rig and why they like them and so on. Not much am I looking to get user based data, just what people like. Anyway's I drove a dulley box truck today and I can tell you I would love to snap a dulley axle on my van for the stability laugh

#566057 - June 01st 2012 8:48 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: wookee]
RamVan2500 Offline

Registered: February 01st 2012 8:12 pm
Posts: 239
Loc: Florida, USA
Well I really wasn't asking what shocks should I get or what is better so on, I wanted to get other vanners personaly and or professional opinion based on experience. I can say like if you are off roading then you want to have rough country, if you are running a van like a limo then you want to have Monroes cause they offer a pretty soft ride but I notice most Monroes don't last long. Then Gabriel which is what I use now (used to use Monroe), Gabriels aren't to stiff and aren't to soft, they're inexpensive and they last long for the most part. Thing is regardless of brand most shocks don't last 50K miles, they really only last about 5-15K then they start to sponge up. Bilstein is a different story because of they're design which is exactly why most times they're going to be on a competative vehicle. Also mono tube, dual tube and so on.

But yea you're right 100%, it's user preference and gonna have to buy them and try them out to know. But again, I wasn't looking for a review, just wanted to know what some people are using. Nice van by the way, that thing must stick out at night though being orange as a pumpkin!

#566062 - June 01st 2012 9:22 pm Re: What shock absorbers tickle your fancy? [Re: RamVan2500]
Vanner68 Offline

Registered: December 23rd 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 3676
Loc: Eastpointe, MI ,yewessay
I'm not sure where my 'fancy' is, and I don't know if I want to try and tickle it with a shock absorber.....
Gregg Groff

I am the wampeter of my karass.

68 ChevyVan 108 350/3 spd stick
86 Dodge "Yeah, it's got a 318"
08 Chevy HHR Panel Next generation of cool

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