Just thought I'de pass the word along. Recently I saw a 1965 Chevy Van for sale for around $1900.oo I think the vans been there for a while(seen it there last fall I think) so you may be able to talk them down! it says "ARIZONA VEHICLE" on the windsheild, didn't look at it real close but didn't see any rust! gonna need new paint and maybe some minor bodywork, its red paint is badly faded. Not sure what kind of engine/trans it has or if it runs, just drove by and saw it in parking lot.<BR> <BR>ITS NEAR APPLETON, WISCONSIN. FOR THOSE WHO ARE INTERESTED, EMAIL ME AND ILL TRY TO GET YOU MORE INFO FOR YOU.<P>------------------<BR>Andy Douglas<BR>'95 & '77 Dodge Vans<BR>http://members.cardomain.com/bigdaddymopar