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#366533 - March 02nd 2010 10:24 pm Van Documentary
Balint Offline

Registered: March 02nd 2010 6:46 pm
Posts: 53
Loc: Austin, TX
Dear Vanners,

My name is Balint Pinczehelyi. My company, BKP Films has started shooting a documetary about vans and their respected owners.
First stop was Diamond Dan with Zoomie of Mild to Wild Vanz of Houston.
Next stop is Dallas.
If you or anybody you know are interested in being part of this project, please send me an email with contact info and small pix of your ride.
First I would like to finish filming in Texas and work my way into the other States.
Balint K. Pinczehelyi

#366536 - March 02nd 2010 10:29 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: Balint]
Snotty Offline

Registered: July 19th 2005 12:00 pm
Posts: 7000
Loc: Shillington PA
Just so ya know, your about to probably get a bunch of negative comments, vanners were promised documentaries in the past and they never came to fruition so it left them with a bad taste in their mouths...

I say come on up to the van nats in NY in July and start filming! smile

Keith Snotty LeVan
link to Moon Lite Vans Inc.
Co-Host 1996 Van Nationals
Co-Host 2005 Van Nationals
Co-Host 2009 Van Nationals
PennsylVANia Van Council

#366540 - March 02nd 2010 10:33 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: Snotty]
Balint Offline

Registered: March 02nd 2010 6:46 pm
Posts: 53
Loc: Austin, TX
I was planning to do that. Better yet, I was offered to chug along with the team from Dallas all the way to NY, which would be great.
Have faith people, I am serious. The documentary is already happening.
Thanks for your response.
Balint K. Pinczehelyi

#366541 - March 02nd 2010 10:36 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: Balint]
newkirkinc1 Offline
Old Timer

Registered: February 10th 2002 12:00 pm
Posts: 20555
Loc: Pittsburgh,Pa USA
We hope that you are serious and hope to see ya around.I'm on my 26th van since 76 ,someone needs to do this.Thanks
Jim & Lucy Newkirk
Three river vans
1981 Chevy-the Love Shack
1999 Chevy Van
2012 Chevy Van

#366548 - March 02nd 2010 11:17 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: newkirkinc1]
Virtual Offline


Registered: December 27th 2000 12:00 pm
Posts: 5856
Loc: Toronto, Canada
Can you give us an idea of how long this documentary is going to be and angle you are coming from with regards to vanning. What will the story be ?
Right now many of us have had it with outsiders having the good intentions of doing documentaries and writing books on vanning only to be disappointed. Maybe vanning is so much different than these people expected and wouldn't make a good sensational story. Vanning has evolved tremendously over time from the 70's when we were all young, carefree and maybe a little careless into one of the tightest knit communities within car culture. We were talking about this just the other night in Detroit with vanners from Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan and Canada. These vanners came to Detroit to support the 3 vanners whose vans were in the show.
I wish you luck with this and I hope you don't disappoint us or worse make a mockery out of vanning like some others have done.

#366549 - March 02nd 2010 11:35 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: Virtual]
Balint Offline

Registered: March 02nd 2010 6:46 pm
Posts: 53
Loc: Austin, TX
I am looking for the story behind the vans and the owner's connection to it.
How he or she got it. The connection it has to the person and vice versa. What changes were made to it. Couple fun stories, etc.
I was looking to edit these into 3-5 minute segments.
I really think Vannin is going to have a comeback like most of you had it in the '70s. And this project will open the young generation's eye... How versatile and functional this vehicle was, is and will be.
Balint K. Pinczehelyi

#366550 - March 02nd 2010 11:49 pm Re: Van Documentary [Re: Virtual]
Boot Offline

Captain Overkill

Registered: November 16th 2003 12:00 pm
Posts: 3116
Loc: Myrtle Beach, SC
I'm right there with Virtual, and also with Jim. Someone does need to do this, but realistically, it should be a vanner, and I'll explain why....

Vanning is very different than any other culture you might find. We're a tight-knit community, and while we always welcome with open arms those who share our enthusiasm about vans and our lifestyle, we really don't need to be "the next cool thing" that people flock to, cash in on and leave.

I personally have friends who invested everything they had in the world to open a custom bike shop when OCC glamorized bolting a few ready-made parts together. They made it look so appealing. Those friends of mine lost everything when the bottom fell out and people stopped buying choppers bolted together from catalog parts. Another example is the flock of folks buying up tattoo machines on Ebay after Miami Ink made it look so easy. These guys came into an industry they know nothing about, and filled the business with poor quality work, only to add a black mark to the business before bailing out to do something more suited to them.

I think what we don't need is a film that makes everyone with a credit score run out and buy a van for a new place to fit in for awhile. We're seeing more interest in recent years in vanning, and some great people have found their way to us. Most of them we're sure will stay in this lifestyle forever, but vanners can spot a poser a mile away.

I think we really need some clarification as to the intention of the documentary. If the documentary is a for profit deal, then it'd be only fair that whoever is in it be compensated, and a full disclosure of the intention of the film be published where vanners can access it.

Sorry to sound harsh, but let's face it, we don't know you, nor do we know what kind of light you'll be shining on our lifestyle, which we take quite seriously.

#366559 - March 03rd 2010 12:48 am Re: Van Documentary [Re: Boot]
Uncle_Fester Offline
Festerus Vannimus

Registered: May 26th 2007 10:41 pm
Posts: 8949
Loc: On Route 66 in Bethany Oklahom...
hmmmn, PASS, I will wish you good luck and PRAY this turns out positive for us vanners, we shall see
My vans,

1)The 1991 Dodge B250, J.Y.D.

Founder & President of Sooner or Later United Truckers and PROUD TO BE A S.L.U.T. ! !

#366562 - March 03rd 2010 1:07 am Re: Van Documentary [Re: Uncle_Fester]
Ram4ever Offline

Registered: March 26th 2007 8:05 pm
Posts: 3666
Loc: Dundee, Michigan
Hi Balint, thank you for your interest.

Why don't you tell us a bit about yourself and your company, and how you came to be interested in vans, their owners and culture?

Have you produced similar documentaries in the past?

How did the segment with Diamond Dan and Zoomie go? Is there any way (like by making a posting of samples at Youtube?) where you could steer us to get a taste of your filming style and your documentary's production style? That could go a long way towards improving the level of acceptance and cooperation you'll encounter.

Hope your dream works out! Please keep us up to date on your progress.

-It's been such a LONG TIME... 1981 Dodge Ram B250 Custom Sportsman Maxi Van

Bringin' her back - the construction never ends!

It's what you learn after you know it all, that counts...

Are you living to work, or working to live?

#366563 - March 03rd 2010 1:32 am Re: Van Documentary [Re: Ram4ever]
SixShot Offline
old hand

Registered: September 27th 2008 12:49 pm
Posts: 1229
Loc: Joyce Washington
Check out his link,should give you some idea of film style and such,looks nice.
79 B300 4x4,80 B100,83 B150.If it's not a van I just don't understand it.

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